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Katie's Dwarf Ruellia - Pink
Katie's Dwarf Ruellia - Pink
Katie's Dwarf Ruellia - Pink
Katie's Dwarf Ruellia - Pink

Katie's Dwarf Ruellia - Pink

Ruellia simplex 'Katie Pink'
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Height: 6"-12"
Spread: 8"-12"
Bloom: May-November
Light: Full Sun, Part Shade
Water: Medium-Moist
Zone: 8, 9, 10, 11
Origin: Mexico

Ruellia simplex, commonly called Mexican petunia or Texas petunia, is a vigorous, shrubby, woody-based, rhizomatous perennial that is grown as an annual north of USDA Zone 8. It is native to Mexico but has escaped gardens and naturalized somewhat aggressively in parts of the southeastern U.S., from South Carolina to Texas, plus Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Katie Dwarf Pink Mexican Petunia is a lovely dwarf perennial that produces loads of pink trumpet-shaped flowers tucked in among the narrow, dark green glossy foliage from spring to frost on a compact mounding plant. This durable perennial makes a great border or ground cover and makes a great addition to containers. The flowers of Ruellias attract bees and butterflies.

If your dwarf Mexican Petunias get too tall or leggy, just cut them back to a few inches above the ground, and they will quickly regrow and soon return to flowering. The Dwarf Mexican Petunias are drought resistant once well established but will also grow in poorly drained moist sites. They are shade tolerant but flower best when grown in sunny areas.

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