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What To Expect

Initial Consultation Visit

  • Schedule: Thursdays, choose from morning (9am-12pm) or afternoon (12-3pm) slots.
  • Duration: 45-60 minutes with our knowledgeable staff.
  • Fee: $150, credited towards the first project if you proceed with design or installation services.

Consultation Follow-up

  • Deliverable: A "look book" portfolio is provided with inspiration photos.
  • Engagement: Follow-up call to assess feedback and satisfaction.

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Design Process

  • Timeframe: The entire process takes about six weeks to create a finished 3D rendering of the design.
  • Review Session: A meeting is scheduled at the client's home to discuss the initial design and suggest any potential revisions.


  • Final design modifications are typically completed within two weeks, depending on the complexity and extent of the requested revisions.

Finalization and Ownership

  • Upon complete payment, full ownership of the final design is transferred to the client.
  • Important Note: The initial $150 consultation fee is credited towards the overall project cost if the client decides to proceed with installation.

* However, it's important to note that the design service itself is a separate cost.


  • Quote and Planning: An installation quote is provided upon request, detailing the cost and scope of implementing the design.
  • DIY Guidance: Clients who prefer a DIY approach can use the design as a guide for their own gardening projects.

3D Design Rendering

Before and After

3D Design Rendering

Before and After

3D Design Rendering

Before and After

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