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Yucca 'Buckley's'
Yucca 'Buckley's'
Yucca 'Buckley's'
Yucca 'Buckley's'

Yucca 'Buckley's'

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Yucca constricta

Buckley's yucca is typically found on rocky limestone prairies in eastern North Central Texas, but it can also be found along the Gulf of Mexico, the Rio Grande, and into the southern Plains. The plant has long and straight pale blue-green to pastel blue leaves, and is somewhat distinctively textured, with 100 to 200 narrow (quarter to a half inch) leaves. Each leaf has a short, stout spine at the end and curly threads run along its margins. The globose, symmetrical head of the plant creates an interesting contrast with the open, graceful flower stalk. This stemless yucca can form clumps or single plants and sometimes has arching or trailing stems and multiple heads, making for very picturesque specimens.

Spread: 2’-5'
Bloom: April-July
Light: Full Sun
Water: Low
Zone: 8, 9, 10, 11
Origin: Texas

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