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Ranunculus macranthus
Note : During our spring season, preparation of materials for careful packaging of plants before shipping typically takes 14 business days, in addition to the standard shipping times.

Height: 1’-3’
Spread: 2’
Bloom: March-June
Light: Full Sun, Part Shade
Water: Medium
Zone: 8, 9, 10, 11
Origin: Texas

This is a beautiful clumping perennial with yellow, fragrant, cup-shaped flowers. The long-stalked flowers appear semi-doubled. Buttercup stems can be one ft. tall or reclining and three ft. long. The stem leaves are densely hairy and deeply cleft, while the basal leaves are divided into leaflets.

It is one of the largest native buttercups.

This plant's large butter-yellow flowers and attractive foliage immediately catch the eye and attract bees and butterflies. This plant prefers moist soil.

Poisonous: All parts. Low toxicity if eaten, slight skin irritation if touched.

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