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Mountain Pinks-Seed Packet
Mountain Pinks-Seed Packet

Mountain Pinks-Seed Packet

Note : During our spring season, preparation of materials for careful packaging of plants before shipping typically takes 14 business days, in addition to the standard shipping times.

Centaurium beyrichii

There are two main species of Centaurium, which are annual and biennial plants in the gentian family, growing in Texas. These species grow up to 1 foot tall and produce many to few blossoms that form a rounded mass (C. beyrichii) or a loose cluster (C. calycosum). The leaves are simple, opposite each other on the stem and directly attached. Pink flowers in the shape of a five-pointed star are produced in late spring through summer.

C. beyrichii grows from North Central to West Texas and into Arkansas, while C. Calycosum grows in Central and West Texas to Missouri and west to Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. The primary difference between these two species lies in their habitat. C. beyrichii generally grows in the sun on dry, rocky limestone hills or in seeps of granite. It is most common in the Edwards Plateau. On the other hand, C. calycosum typically grows in moist habitats.

Height: 6”-1’
Spread 6”-1’
Bloom: May-July
Light: Part Shade
Water: Low
Zone: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Origin: North America

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