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Horned Lizard Habitat Mix
Horned Lizard Habitat Mix

Horned Lizard Habitat Mix

Note : During our spring season, preparation of materials for careful packaging of plants before shipping typically takes 14 business days, in addition to the standard shipping times.

Horned Lizard Habitat Mix

Horned Lizard Habitat Mix is groundbreaking because, to our knowledge, it is the first commercially available native plant seed mix for a reptile.

Horned Lizards are a pocket-sized piece of the vanishing prairie. As the State Reptile of Texas and the first animal ambassador of the West sent from Lewis & Clark, “Horny Toads” are an approachable, living symbol of wild America on the Great Plains. The Texas or Plains Horned Lizard depends on a diverse assortment of seed-producing native wildflowers and bunchgrasses that sustain the social insects like Seed Harvester Ants that they eat. Bare ground micro-trails beneath and between the bunches of prairie grasses and forbs allow the lizards to camouflage against the soil, bask, and forage for prey. Native American Seed is proud to develop the first commercially available native seed mix to help people restore the habitat and food web of this beloved and charismatic reptile.

(100% native seed, no fillers)
American Basketflower
Eastern Gamagrass
Maximilian Sunflower
Scrambled Eggs
White Prickly Poppy
Bush Sunflower
Hooded Windmill Grass
Purple Coneflower
Sand Dropseed
Texas Grama
White Tridens
Lanceleaf Coreopsis
Prairie Verbena
Prairie Coneflower
Smooth White Penstemon
Stiff Goldenrod
Little Bluestem Central Texas
Purple Lovegrass
Big Bluestem
Illinois Bundleflower
Partridge Pea
Sideoats Grama
Arizona Cottontop
Curly Mesquite
Huisache Daisy
Prairie Wildry
Sand Lovegrass
Texas WIntergrass
Indian Blanket
Cutleaf Daisy
Cowpen Daisy
Butterfly Weed
Swamp MIlkweed
Mexican Hat
Prairie Goldenrod
Waco Indiangrass
Common Sunflower
Plains Bristlegrass
Slim Tridens
Texas Cupgrass
Blue Grama
Green Sprangletop
Mealy Blue Sage
Purple Three Awn
Slender Grama
Virginia Wildrye
White Prairie Clover
Lemon Mint
Gayfeather Blazing Star
Clasping Coneflower
Showy Milkweed
Drummond Phlox
Cane Bluestem
Woolly Croton
Little Bluestem
Purple Prairie Clover
Southwestern Bristlegrass
Texas Yellow Star
Plains Coreopsis
Red Lovegrass
Tall Dropseed
Western Wheatgrass
Standing Cypress
Black-Eyed Susan
Tahoka Daisy
Blue Wild Indigo
White Rosinweed
Little Bluestem Pineywoods
Tall Grama

Covers up to 250 sq ft

Height: 6"-6'
Bloom: February-December
Light: Full
Water: Dry-Medium
Origin: North America
Deer Resistant: No

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