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Bubba Desert Willow 'White'
Bubba Desert Willow 'White'
Bubba Desert Willow 'White'
Bubba Desert Willow 'White'

Bubba Desert Willow 'White'

Chilopsis linearis 'Bubba'
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Height: 15’-25’
Spread: 10’-20’
Bloom: Spring, Summer, & Fall
Light: Full sun
Water: Low to Moderate
Zone: 6 (-10°)
Origin: Texas, Southwest & Mexico

Desert Willow is a gem of a tree requiring little care and gracing southwestern landscapes with year-round intrigue. It retains a charming, architectural winter silhouette when the tree is bare. It attracts hummingbirds and butterflies with its profusion of fragrant, orchid-like flowers for the rest of the year.

As you might expect of a tree named ‘Bubba,’ this cultivar is robust and sturdy. It boasts exceptional heat, drought, and cold tolerance, and its roots proliferate. Its linear leaves are broader and greener than those of other desert willow cultivars, which gives this tree a much fuller appearance. Despite its long and prolific blooming season, ‘Bubba’ also develops fewer seed pods than different cultivars. 

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