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Texas Betony
Texas Betony
Texas Betony
Texas Betony

Texas Betony

Stachys coccinea

Height: 1’-1.5’
Spread: 1’-1.5’
Bloom: March-October
Light: Part Shade
Water: Medium
Zone: 6, 7, 8, 9
Origin: Texas

The stout, square stems of scarlet hedge nettle or Texas betony rise to 3 ft. or more and are lined with a pair of dark-green leaves becoming smaller up the stem. The inflorescence is an interrupted spike of two-lipped, bright-red, tubular flowers. A stout, erect, leafy plant, covered with soft hairs, with scarlet bilaterally symmetrical flowers in whorls at intervals in a spike at the top of a 4-sided stem. Its scarlet color distinguishes this species from other western plants of its genus, which are pink or purplish. If cultivated, it should be grown from seed. Stachy plants have no stinging hairs as accurately but resemble nettles in other ways, especially before flowering. In the Old World, some grew near hedges and were known as hedge nettles. Texas betony has aromatic foliage and a fantastic bloom show. The heaviest blooms are in early spring, but Texas betony displays vivid scarlet flowers throughout the season. Makes a good ground cover for shady places.

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