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Salvia 'Augusta Duelberg’
Salvia 'Augusta Duelberg’
Salvia 'Augusta Duelberg’
Salvia 'Augusta Duelberg’

Salvia 'Augusta Duelberg’

Salvia farinacea 'Augusta Duelberg' ✂️🌱
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Height: 2’-2.5’
Spread 2’-4’
Bloom: May-October
Light: Full Sun
Water: Low
Zone: 7, 8, 9
Origin: Hybrid

On a hot summer day, Texas plantsman Greg Grant wandered through old graveyards where he stumbled on a clump of Salvia farinacea at the grave of Augusta Duelberg. The cuttings rooted, and Salvia 'Augusta Duelberg' became a reality. This superb selection of the Texas native Salvia farinacea makes a compact 30" tall x 4' wide specimen, topped with hundreds of spikes of silvery-white flowers...attractive to hummingbirds from May until frost. As a native wildflower, this plant stands out as heat- and drought-tolerant.

Salvia farinacea requires very little maintenance. It usually needs to be cut to the ground between a hard frost in fall and the beginning of new growth in spring. It can be chopped to the ground when it becomes shabby in late summer. It will be back in full bloom and ready for frost in a few weeks. This treatment is optional most of the time.

Salvia farinacea is a clump former, not a runner, so it does not need to be controlled. It can produce some seedlings, which in some gardens would be a sign of success, but if one is attempting to maintain a particular clone, then it might be best to eliminate the seedlings because they might not be accurate to type.

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