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Compost Ultra
Compost Ultra

Compost Ultra

Note : Preparation of materials for careful packaging of plants before shipping typically takes between 3-5 business days, in addition to the standard shipping times.

Texas Pure Products Compost Ultra takes compost to the next level!

Nutrient-rich and ultra-fine, this top product is perfect for planting beds or topdressing your lawn for drought-resistant, resilient grass.

Compost Ultra is made entirely from herbaceous feedstock: yard trimmings, brush and trees, and organics from grocery stores and markets. Compost Ultra is a premium product providing everything your plants need to thrive in a brutal Texas summer! 


Compost Ultra is screened to a ¼-inch fine compost and meets strict time and temperature requirements set by the United States Composting Council (USCC) and OMRI. Compost Ultra is suited for all planting applications and is approved for use in the USDA Organics program. 

Weight: Approximately 40 pounds per cubic foot 

Application and Installation 

Mix Compost Ultra with existing soil at a rate of 10 inches in new beds. Add 2-4 inches to previously amended beds for replanting.

Use Compost Ultra to prevent runoff and erosion, to build soil health, and to establish healthy disease-resistant landscape plantings.

Work freely in all areas where planting is proposed. The soil’s water-holding capacity and the plants’ drought tolerance will be enhanced remarkably.

Sustainable landscaping is achievable with liberal applications as needed by Compost Ultra.

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