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Hesperaloe 'Brakelights'
Hesperaloe 'Brakelights'
Hesperaloe 'Brakelights'
Hesperaloe 'Brakelights'

Hesperaloe 'Brakelights'

Hesperaloe parviflora Brakelights 'Perpa'👍
Note : During our spring season, preparation of materials for careful packaging of plants before shipping typically takes 14 business days, in addition to the standard shipping times.

Height: 2’-3’
Spread: 2’-3’
Bloom: March-August
Light: Full Sun
Water: Low
Zone: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Origin: Southwestern U.S.
Deer Resistant: Yes

Vibrant, brake light-red blooms are a great color improvement to this species! This compact newer selection rarely sets seedpods, meaning more prolific flowering over an exceptionally long season. Use in mass plantings for a dramatic effect in xeriscape and waterwise gardens. Good container specimen. Evergreen.

Easily grown in average to lean, well-drained soil. Water regularly in the first growing season to establish a root system. Once established, reduce frequency; tolerates moderate dry spells but prefers periodic water. Feed in early spring. Remove spent bloom stalks for a neat appearance. Protect young, tender plants from rabbits and deer.

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