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Caliche Mix 2.9 oz
Caliche Mix 2.9 oz
Caliche Mix 2.9 oz
Caliche Mix 2.9 oz

Caliche Mix 2.9 oz

Note : During our spring season, preparation of materials for careful packaging of plants before shipping typically takes 14 business days, in addition to the standard shipping times.
Caliche Mix 

Meet the harsh challenges of dry, thin caliche-type soils. Native perennial grasses will slowly stabilize vegetative cover. By planting in early spring, you use natural rainfall to sprout the seeds. These natives should reach maturity in three growing seasons. Bronze, red, and golden-colored seed heads during the fall are a breathtaking addition to your native landscape. Special consideration should be given to erosion control, soil organic matter, and seed-to-soil contact

Caliche Mix can be planted in an extensive geographic range not necessarily limited to areas dominated by calcareous (limestone-based) soil types. It was designed as a cost-effective solution for those sites that have undergone extensive disturbances. Generally, these include nearly bare, highly compacted, and nutrient-poor soils in Texas's western portions. Exposed subsoil or artificial berms, slopes, dykes, roadways, etc. also qualify. These problems are more comprehensive than in Central and West Texas. They tend to follow us everywhere we go.

The species work together to hold down and gradually and naturally rebuild the soil. Over time, the apex species will become dominant. When it has to work, contractors have come to rely on Caliche Mix to help solve their most challenging landscape restoration problems.

2.9 oz covers 200 sq ft

Contains: (100% native seed, no fillers)
Blue Grama
Green Sprangletop
Indian grass
Little Bluestem
Prairie Wildrye
Sand Lovegrass
Sideoats Grama
Sand Dropseed
Texas Cupgrass
Cane Bluestem
Curly Mesquite
White Tridens
Hall's Panicum 

Height: 0.3’-1'
Spread: 1’-2'
Bloom: April-September
Light: Full Sun, Part Sun
Water: Low, Medium
Zone: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 
Origin: North America
Deer Resistant: No

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