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Start to Finish, Our Process from Design to Installation to Maintenance

Start to Finish, Our Process from Design to Installation to Maintenance

Trying to design, install and maintain your dream landscape can be such a headache! Planning, saving, planting, watering, pulling out your hair, crying in the corner, replanting, trimming. It's too much! How about we simplify it?

Tell us your dream garden, and we will take care of the rest with detailed designs, scheduled installations, and long-term maintenance: no more runny mascara or dirty knees.


We move on to the design phase once you have completed your consultation meeting and reviewed your inspiration lookbook. Our design team creates a 2-D and 3-D rendering of your landscape, laying out the placement of every flower, shrub, and tree. These designs reflect the overall layout and added features and show the plants at their full maturity. Details like this give you a better understanding of your yard as each plant grows into a new space. The best part? This design is 100% yours and only yours! You retain ownership over it, so if you decide we are not the right fit for installation, you can take the design to another company. No hard feelings, whatever gets you closer to stepping into a space you'll never want to leave. 


If our charm and rugged good looks have convinced you to continue to use our services, we move on to the installation phase. You can choose to move immediately or work in stages that best fit your timeline. Once your space is scheduled for installation, our team comes out and does their magic. Our team and only our team will be digging in your yard. So turn on the sprinklers if you see someone rooting around in the zinnias without a bright, cheerful Native Gardeners t-shirt. After each visit, you will receive an update email keeping you in the loop on all the action. And if you are worried about the mess, don’t be! Our team strives to keep your space as clean as possible during the transition. 



Finally, the dream is a reality, and your happy place is complete. However, like every car and any happy marriage, your new garden requires some maintenance. We offer maintenance plans that keep your yard looking its best—everything from mowing to weeding and garden finessing. When we get in new arrivals that we think will look good in your yard, if you want them, we can plant them the next time we're out. Our maintenance team uses mainly Eco-friendly electric equipment and traditional garden hand tools. We like to maintain the quiet sanctum of your garden. The wildlife like it this way too.


We at Native Gardeners are “Working with Nature, for the beauty of us all.” But it reaches farther than that. We work with our clients and neighbors to bring beauty, ecology, and joy back to our spaces. Our team wants to help you along the path to a stunning landscape without the stress or mess, so you and Mother Nature can start enjoying the little things again. From design to installation to maintenance, we have got your back.