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How We Ship Our Large Plants

How We Ship Our Large Plants

Sending out larger plants requires extra care and preparation, due to their size and weight. We've developed a meticulous packing system designed to optimize the safety of our plants on their way to you. 

Our largest shippable plants (up to 5 gallons) are packed bare-root. This minimizes the weight inside the box - preventing plants from getting crushed or boxes from buckling from excess weight of pots and soil. This also means reduced shipping costs for you.

Several measures are taken to protect the bare-root plant. The roots are double wrapped in biodegradable bags in order to help retain moisture, and to prevent the soil from scattering throughout the box. It is then further protected with an inner layer of recycled cellulose padding around the foliage, and an outer layer of cardboard.

Alternatively, when a plant is longer and more susceptible to breakage - we ensure that the entirety of the stem and foliage are protected with an inner layer of paper padding followed by an outer layer of cardboard padding, as shown below.

The plants are then placed carefully and secured into their shipping box, with additional paper to fill in space, so the plant can withstand jostling during its trip.

While unforeseen shipping complications can rarely occur, we've meticulously designed our packing system to significantly reduce the risk of damage. This ensures your new plant companions have the best chance of arriving ready to flourish in their new home.